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“The essential form of knowledge… is nothing but a representation of truth: for the truth of being and the truth of knowing are one, differing no more than the direct beam and the beam reflected.”
Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning, Bk I – 1605

These essays and information sheets are provided as PDFs which can be either read online or downloaded. They constitute an on-going work of research, writing, feedback and, where appropriate, revision and updating.

The list gives an idea of what essays have been, are being or will be written. An emboldened blue title indicates that the essay has been uploaded and is available online.

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  • Bacon's Good Pens
  • William Shakspere's Life
  • Shakespeare Authorship Controversy
  • Ill-founded Common Arguments
  • Not What It Seems
  • The Enigma of Shakespeare
  • Secret Shakespeare
  • Poet-Playwrights
  • Bacon-Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare Collaboration
  • Shakespeare Patronage
  • Bacon, the 'Shakespeare' Leader
  • The Cabala (1): Introduction
  • The Cabala (2): The Other Self
  • Geocosmology
  • Enoch
  • Bacchus-Dionysus
  • The Art of Science
  • Yoga of Life
  • Faculties of the Mind
  • Imagination
  • The British Zodiac