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Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was the English philosopher, scientist, poet, orator, cryptographer, jurist, statesman, author, essayist, historian, intellectual reformer and master of the English tongue, who became Lord Keeper of the Great Seal and Lord Chancellor, and was given the titles Baron Verulam of Verulam and Viscount St Alban.

Bacon lived during the height of the English Renaissance and the beginning of the modern era, of which he is considered to be a major founder. The Royal Society, for instance, acknowledges and honours him as their instaurator. Similarly in France, when Colbert in 1666 asked Huygen’s advice on how the French Academy should be developed, he recommended that it should follow Bacon's plan. Diderot and d’Alembert, in their preface to the great French Encyclopaedia (published in 1751), when speaking of those to whom they were most indebted, said:
“At the Head of these illustrious Heroes we deservedly place the immortal Francis Bacon… we are tempted to esteem him the greatest, the most universal, and most eloquent of all Philosophers. It is to this great Author we are chiefly indebted for our Encyclopaedic Plan.”
Why do we think this is important? What relevance has it today?
  • Bacon’s philosophical scheme, The Great Instauration or Six Days Work, is still not fully understood and practised in the way intended. To do so could bring enormous benefits to the world and help create a 'New Atlantis' or Golden Age.

  • Bacon not only headed the Rosy Cross Fraternity (Rosicrucians) but his Great Instauration is based on ancient wisdom and biblical and cabalistic principles. A study and knowledge of this is a major gateway into the true but veiled ever-living Wisdom Tradition. The aim is to discover truth.

  • Both Divinity and Poetry (Drama) play major roles in the Great Instauration. Shakespeare is not only an important part of this but the Shakespeare Authorship enigma was set up to train us in what Bacon calls the Art of Discovery, so that eventually we might discover and know the Author of All.

  • Bacon was a man of mystery and secrets, both of necessity and choice. Partly because of this, and because he had to act the role of a martyr to truth like the first St Alban before him, his name and memory has been slandered. This hurt needs to be redressed. The truth needs to be known, as does all truth.

This website is dedicated to helping us discover and achieve these things.

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Upcoming Events:

'St Alban and the Rosy Cross Foundations of Freemasonry' (24 June 2018) – An illustrated afternoon seminar in St Albans given by Peter Dawkins on St Alban and the Rosicrucian foundations of British Freemasonry, ancient and modern.

'Embodying Beauty' (8-15 Sept 2018), the second of the 'Golden Child' series of cultural, mythological 'mystery' pilgrimages, visiting Bourges, Chambord, Clos Luce and Vezelay, France.

'Othello and the Wisdom Of Shakespeare' (6 Oct 2018) – A day at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre with Peter Dawkins and Mark Rylance exploring, experiencing and sharing the wisdom, philosophy, esoteric knowledge and other things embedded in Shakespeare's play.

'Exploring the Beauty of Portugal – The Silver Pillar' (12-20 May 2019) A Grail Pilgrimage exploring a magical landscape temple that stretches up the eastern side of Portugal.

New Essays:

'The Stratford Shakespeare Monument' – In-depth description of the highly enigmatic, challenging and revealing monument to Shakespeare, erected c.1620 in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon.

'Advancement of Learning Secrets' – Description of the highly symbolic and meaningful frontispiece to the 1640 English edition of Francis Bacon’s 'Advancement and Proficience of Learning'.

'The European Myth and Mystery' – The myths that describe Europe’s role in the world and the mysteries associated with them that are not only connected with Francis Bacon but are extremely relevant today.

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'Francis Bacon and the Mystery of the Phoenix and Turtle' – another brilliant talk by Simon Miles, this time on Shakespeare's 'heart' poem, revealing who the Phoenix and the Turtledove were and demonstrating beyond doubt the true authorship of the Shakespeare works.

'Cracking the Shakespeare Code' – Video series documenting the story of Petter Amundsen's decipherments of some secret codes hidden in Shakespeare’s First Folio of plays and Shakespeare's Sonnets, demonstrating the involvement of Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians, and revealing a treasure map leading to Oak Island, Nova Scotia.

'Francis Bacon and the Merchant of Venice' – a brilliant exposition by Simon Miles demonstrating how the Shakespeare play, 'Merchant of Venice', is a gateway to the Baconian authorship of the Shakespeare play and other Democritian "merry tales".

'The Shakespeare Equation' – amazing discoveries by Alan Green of the Pythagorean mathematics, Great Pyramid measurements and Ancient Egyptian knowledge underlying Shake-speares Sonnets:-

'Who is Sir Francis Bacon?' - Peter Dawkins interviewed by Saira Salmon

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