About Us

“In sum, I would advise all in general, that they would take into serious consideration the true and genuine ends of knowledge; that they seek it not either for pleasure, or contention, or contempt of others, or for profit, or fame, or for honour and promotion, or such like adulterate or inferior ends; but for the merit and emolument of life; and that they regulate and perfect the same in charity.”
Francis Bacon, The Preface, Advancement of Learning – 1640

The Francis Bacon Research Trust (FBRT) is a UK Registered Charitable Trust (#280616).
VAT Reg. #487 8233 01.

The Trust is administered by a Board of Trustees: Robert Wilson (Chairman); Julia Cleave; Donna Duncombe, Helen Johnson; Robert Waygood.
The Secretary is Sarah Dawkins.
The Principal is Peter Dawkins.

Co-teachers/speakers (current) include: Saira Salmon; Mariana Sagasti; Julia Cleave; Jeremy Rye.

Past co-teachers have included: Sir George Trevelyan; Sir Mark Rylance; Jill Line.


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