The Wisdom of Shakespeare in 'As You Like It'

Core Truths

by Peter Dawkins

What are Core Truths? They are the essential wisdom teachings and laws that allow us to live harmoniously with ourselves and with Nature, and encompass not just a vision of ourselves within our environment but also of ourselves in relationship to the wider cosmos.

Drawing on the Wisdom traditions of the West, such as the Rosicrucian, Neoplatonic, Hermetic, Magian, Hebraic, Orphic, Classical, Celtic and Christian traditions, Core Truths presents the fundamental truths known to these ancient traditions updated with new discoveries and insights for the world of today, including geocosmology. Understanding and working with these truths enhances our lives and all that we do, bringing joy and fulfilment.

This richly illustrated work addresses the three basic archetypes of the Wheel of Life, the Chakra system and the Tree of Life. These are the basic patterns expressed not just within Man but also within all Nature. Special beings called Landscape Angels embody these archetypes. They guide our life and model the landscape according to natural patterns and laws.

For those seeking the initiatory path to enlightenment, these core truths of perennial wisdom light the way. They help us to understand how to use space and time to the best advantage in our lives and our environment, creating beauty and harmony, and leading to a deep connection and expression of true humanity in both a simple yet comprehensive way.

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