The Shakespeare Enigma

The Shakespeare Enigma

by Peter Dawkins

Foreword by Mark Rylance

This groundbreaking and exhaustively researched book is a fascinating voyage of discovery that reads like an Elizabethan thriller. It draws aside the veils concealing the truth concerning Shakespeare, to reveal the real author or authors of the Shakespeare play, the involvement with the Rosicrucians, and the treasure trail or game of hide-and-seek set up by them as a mystery to train us in an'art of discovery' by which all things might be known.

Beautifully illustrated, this book will appeal to all literary-minded people, scholars and non-scholars alike, those interested in esoteric wisdom or the Shakespeare authorship, and anyone involved in drama and arts education.

(Polair, 2004. Illustrated paperback, 476pp. ISBN: 0954538943)

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The Shakespeare Enigma
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