Francis Bacon - Herald of the New Age

Francis Bacon - Herald of the New Age

by Peter Dawkins.

Written simply but based on wide-ranging in-depth research, this book reveals Sir Francis Bacon as a Master of Hermetic Wisdom and a remarkable man of illumination. We learn that his purpose was 'to lead mankind to the light, providing an 'art of discovery' by which all things might be known, even the supreme truth and law of life, Love.

A man much misunderstood, misquoted and maligned, Sir Francis Bacon developed an all-embracing philanthropic philosophy, vision and method of operation by means of which the world could build a golden age of wisdom, peace, prosperity and sustainability for all, if it wanted to. Bacon always understood that his method and science was not for all and would probably never be part of mainstream science, as it requires total commitment to philanthropy or charity, but he hoped that one day it would exist side by side with mainstream science and help to guide and illuminate the latter.

(FBRT 1997. Illustrated paperback, 124pp. ISBN: 086293009X)

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Francis Bacon - Herald of the New Age
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