The Mystery of Sir Francis Bacon and Shakespeare

The Mystery of Sir Francis Bacon and Shakespeare

A public lecture given by Peter Dawkins at the Crawford Theatre, Emerson Cultural Centre Bozeman, Montana, USA, on 9 July 2010.

Shakespeare is a genuine mystery - and an extraordinarily successful one! An even greater mystery is that of the semi-secret philosophical, literary and artistic group and its leader the multi-talented Sir Francis Bacon, who produced the Shakespeare Mystery. They were dedicated to the ‘love of Wisdom’ and the philanthropic work of raising human consciousness and culture. Together they created a ‘Mystery’, centred on Shakespeare, by means of which Wisdom, concealed under the mask of entertainment, might speak to and enlighten us.

In this lecture Peter Dawkins introduces this theme, dealing with the life and times of Shakespeare, questions about the Shakespeare authorship, Francis Bacon’s leading role in all of this, and the ‘Mystery’ and treasure trail set up for us to follow.

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