Creating a Wheel of Life Mandala

Creating a Wheel of Life Mandala

Demonstration by Sarah & Peter Dawkins

Peter and Sarah Dawkins demonstrate how to lay out a Wheel of Life, one of the most fundamental of the great archetypes of life and the foundation of creating any temple or sacred space.

'Wheel of Life' is the meaning of the Greek word, Zodiac, and the Sanskrit words, Chakra and Mandala. It represents the universe and contains the wisdom of the universe. Its primary geometric 'mandala' form, including the way in which this form is created, shows the great laws of life, including the process of life and initiatic path to enlightenment. It is a cycle of time and circle of space, with keys to understanding both. It is an energy form that the outer form makes manifest, and has the ability to balance and harmonise the energies in its environment, whether it be an inside or an outside space. In medieval and renaissance times it was known as the magic circle.

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