Hermetic Shakespeare

Hermetic Shakespeare

- a light to guide our footsteps

An illustrated day seminar given by Peter Dawkins, recorded live at Charing Cross Hotel, London, in 2011.

In this seminar Peter Dawkins draws back the veils and reveals the secret Hermetic design that lies at the heart of the Shakespeare works, the Shakespeare authorship, and the Great Instauration of the Hermetic Master, Francis Bacon.

Traditionally supposed to originate from Atlantis, the Hermetic wisdom underlies all the great wisdom traditions of the West, including the Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Hebraic, Kabbalistic, Orphic, Platonic, Celtic, Freemasonic, Rosicrucian and Christian.

The Hermetic wisdom is not just a philosophy but a science, born from many ages of experience and shared amongst the enlightened sages and initiates of mankind. It is a key to understanding life, a light to guide our footsteps, and a method by means of which we may reach a state of enlightenment and peace.

The Hermetic Wisdom is a Mystery—a sacred drama—in which we may take part and be trained in the art of discovery and co-creation, providing us with the means to build a Golden Age on earth. This seminar is designed to introduce us to this Mystery.

The seminar is made up of four separate talks:-
(1) Hermes and the Hermetic Teachings;
(2) Hermetic Design of the Shakespeare Works;
(3) Hermetic Design of the Shakespeare memorials;
(4) Hermetic Design of the Great Instauration.

Video (stream/download)

Video running time approx. 3 hrs 50 mins (4 parts)

Price: £10.00