Master of the Rose

Master of the Rose

An illustrated half-day seminar given by Peter Dawkins, recorded live at Charing Cross Hotel, London, in 2013.

The rose is an ancient symbol of the heart, of love and of the truth that is Love. It is also the symbol of the human soul, and of a particular Master soul or circle of Masters who oversee and help our evolution.

This seminar given by Peter Dawkins looks at some of the identifying marks, teachings, secret history and legacy of what some people consider were two successive avataric incarnations of one of these great Masters – the Master R or Master of the Rose* – and his link with Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Sovereignty and the Shakespeare mystery.

* For some people the 'R' stands for 'Rakoczi', for others it stands for 'Rose'. The two incarnations are those of the 16th/17th century Viscount St Alban (Francis Bacon) and the 18th century Count St Germain, reputed son of the last reigning Prince Rakoczi of Transylvania. This Master soul is associated with what theosophy calls the Mahachohan or Lord of Civilisation.

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Video - running time approx. 1 hr 50 mins

Price: £6