This is the second in the 4-year series of Golden Child Pilgrimages visiting the crossing points of the four landscape temples of Europe that are associated with the myths of Europa and the Bull, Leda and the Swan, and the Rose-Cross. All three myths relate to the planetary purpose of Europe as the throat chakra of the world.

The three myths recount the birth of a Golden Child, variously called Hermes Trismegistus, the Gemini, Christian Rosy Cross, or Mercury (‘True Word’). They describe the spiritual purpose of Europe, which is to ‘speak’ words of wisdom and truth that can inspire and help create a planetary golden age.

The series of pilgrimages is designed as a mystery, composed of four stages or lesser mysteries, to enact out symbolically the rescuing of the heart of this Golden Child from the attack by the Titanic forces that tear its outer form apart. This is an initiatic process that enables the best of the old to be transmuted into an even better form than before, whilst that which is not so good passes away. Mysteries are like prayers: potentised thoughts that can inspire and help bring about better things.

In the landscape symbolism of these myths—the stage on which we play our parts—Europa/Leda is represented in tradition by the British Isles, and the Bull/Swan (Zeus) by mainland Europe. The former is the Rose; the latter is the Cross. Their Golden Child is represented by the Grail Kingdom, but also by good hearts and places everywhere throughout Europe.

This second Golden Child Pilgrimage will take place at and around the crossing point of the Grail Line (the spine of the Grail Kingdom) and the Bull Line (the spine of the Bull of Europe landscape temple). This crossing point is marked by Bourges, the heart of France and centre of France’s vast landscape zodiac. Bourges is the hara of the Grail Kingdom; but at the same time it is also the focus of the throat chakra of the Bull of Europe.

Golden child pilgrimage
Golden child pilgrimage Loch Leven
Golden child pilgrimage

For this pilgrimage we will be staying the first five nights at the Domaine de Valaudran, a charming 3-star hotel nestling in its own grounds in Salbris, 30 miles NNW of Bourges. This hotel will provide a comfortable retreat and home-base for our excursions to:

  • Bourges, the Gallic Axis-Mundi with its World Heritage Gothic Cathedral of Saint Etienne through which the French Zero Meridian passes;

  • the ‘royal’ Château de Chambord, with strong Leonardo de Vinci and Comte de Saint Germain connections;

  • the Château du Clos Lucé, home of Leonardo de Vinci at Amboise; and

  • the Magdalene pilgrimage centre of Vézelay with its World Heritage Romanesque Basilica of St Magdalene crowning its hill.

The latter two (Amboise and Vézelay) are akin to the right and left hands of the ‘Tree of Life’ enshrined in the French landscape zodiac, of which Paris is the crown and Bourges the heart.

We will be staying the last two nights at the Hotel de La Poste et du Lion d'Or in Vézelay.

For travelling to and from the event, there are good train connections between Paris and Salbris, and between Vézelay and Paris. Travelling between places during the event will be by coach, and on foot at each place we visit.

This 7-day pilgrimage will include talks, teachings and guidance by Peter and Sarah Dawkins as well as group meetings, prayers and meditations, and will constitute an initiatic journey in which we shall, in effect, be performing a mystery on this particular stage of the world.


Domaine de Valaudran
41300 Salbris, France  
Salbris has its own railway station. Fastest train journey from Paris Austerlitz to Salbris is 1hr 27m direct.

Hotel de La Poste et du Lion d'Or
Place du Champ de Foire, 89 450 Vézelay, France  
Paris is just under 3 hours by train from Vézelay (fastest route).


£1380 per person (sharing)
£1495 per person (single)

Fee includes 7 nights’ dinner, bed & breakfast (dinners include coffee and wine), two lunches (9th & 13th Sept), private meeting rooms, entrance fees (to the Châteaux Chambord and Clos Lucé), coach travel during event (i.e. Salbris to/from Bourges, Chambord and Clos Lucé, and to Vézelay), tips, and all organisation, teaching, guidance and leadership. It does not include lunches on some of the days, extra drinks or travel to or from the event. Special dietary requirements, within reason, will be catered for as far as possible.

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